Laredo AFB Aircraft Maintenance Personnel

The first annual reunion for the Laredo AFB Aircraft Maintenance Personnel was held in 2002. Since that time, many people have joined the group that were stationed in Laredo during the 1950's and 1960's. Reunions are held annually on the weekend after Labor Day and a newsletter is published as new information becomes available regarding the next year's reunion.
In The Beginning by Art Sommerfield

The 3641st Flight Line Maintenance Reunion was started because of an old Commander we had by the name of James Brumbeloe. He was friends with Raymond Schmuck and over ten years ago he and Ray had a conversation and he asked Ray if he could possibly find someone to help him find some of the troops/guys and get a reunion started. Ray and I (Art Sommerfield) had been friends and kept in contact with each other over the years so Ray called and asked if I would help him try and find some of the guys who were in Laredo during our tours there. I was hesitant at first but told him I would try and help him. I had just purchased my first computer not long before and wasn’t very proficient at using it but learned fast. We found old sets of Military Orders and got names from there, plus the 1955 and 1960 Laredo AFB Books with names and pictures, and started looking for guys. Every guy we found we asked if they had kept in contact with anyone, and if they had we either asked them to make contact them or we did. We were lucky and found well over 200 people and started planning our first reunion to be held in 2002. We thought that it should be held in the central part of the United States so most people attending wouldn’t have to travel a long distance, so Oklahoma City was the choice. Ray had been to a few reunions with another unit he was stationed with and knew a little about what they did and between him and his wife Cleo and my wife Mavis we got the ball rolling and were on our way to our first reunion in Oklahoma City. We had a very good turnout of guys and their wives but had one big problem. In the meantime, from the time we started planning this reunion until reunion time, our Commander that wanted to have this reunion died of cancer, but his lovely wife came and everyone met and liked her and we had a blast. Since that time we have had nine more always in September in different areas of the country and have had new people attending each time so you will be meeting new folks all the time. You would be surprised at the number of people we have lost since this has started and due to this the guys are looking forward to each reunion not knowing just how many more times they will see their old friends. Because a lot of us were in more than one unit while at Laredo we also incorporated the 3640th Flight Line Maintenance and also the Field Maintenance units as well.

Art Sommerfield